Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School meeting.

I had another transition school meeting today. Sebastian is lucky to meet such friendly and positive environment at St Brigid's School. They have great team of from principal through to lunch lady and cleaning crew. Each meeting in catholic school starts with a prayer and I like that very much. It sets an intension of doing the best possible, and focuses everybody on the fact that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Nonbelievers can benefit just because attitudes are contagious among us neurologically wired for social existence members of human kind.

Sebastian enjoys everything from a bus ride to classroom filled up with many very entertaining toys. Demands on him are much lower that in intense therapy, and he is very happy play, listen to the music, visit a classroom full of his peers , and roam around in the gym. It makes me feel god knowing that he is safe and happy there, and yet I do know that he needs intensive treatment to go as far as he can.

Sebastian had a bit of stinky dirrahea in his pants after he came from school. I do not know why, because to my knowing he did not eat anything unusual. He was stiming like mad all evening, and now it is already past one in the morning and he is still roaming around.That is one of this times when brain- gut connection is showing itself again.

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