Monday, February 15, 2010


When I talk to fellow parents of autistic children we have one thing in common: we do not like read news stories about autism, because a lot of them are very grim, and we know that if it will might happen to our kids. We also know that although they have an appearance of accidents or crimes - they all could be prevented by more support for kids and for parents.
So here in recent one from Victoria.
Cape Breton in December,
one in Mississauga October,
Edmonton in September
Here one from interior BC,
May in Toronto
February the States

Those were the ones I heard about without looking - just from everyday news. Grim, upsetting and very very sad. Unfortunately there is more of those stories in the news every day.

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  1. There was a 13 y/o autistic boy here in Hamilton some years ago he was murdered by his mother . Boys name was Johnny Churchy or Churchie...not sure of the spelling. He was a gr 8 student at St Luke's school. Could never find anything online about it.