Sunday, February 21, 2010

Name changing

As I am reading the possibly relevant documents send to me last week I could not help noticing that Hamilton Niagara Regional Early Autism Initiative changed its name to Hamilton Niagara Regional Autism Intervention Program. Political move in my estimation. They removed the word "Early" from their name may be due to the fact that their intervention is never "early" since kids wait for it 3-4 years now. Here they show some sensitivity existing to the fact that their name should reflect reality. I think though that to completely truthfully express their intentions they need to change their name some more.

Reading the health records brought a wave of memories and emotions that are not easy. I had a lot of flashbacks - I went through very difficult times. Years of extreme stress. It changed me. May be for the better, but I would not wish that for anybody. Except may be of very few I have met on my path ... God forgive me!

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