Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More than couple of pounds of legal papers.

This two binders are potentially relevant documents that were send to me yesterday from the lawyer. Not my lawyer. I do not have one. Ontario Human Right Commission s a place where people who are underprivileged, discriminated against, disadvantaged in any way could fight for their rights. Right. They can. If their case is assessed as having reasonable chance for success. But Our case does not. Because according to this letter Ontario Courts decided it is not discriminatory to terminate therapy for autistic children in Ontario after age of six. And I thought that there was no age cut off. But boy am I confused about all that legal mess. One thing I am clear about is this: My son like thousands of autistic children in Canada needs and is being denied therapy to help them achieve level of functioning that will allow them to live productively and in dignity. And I dare to think I am right. But I need a good human rights lawyer, and couple of other miracles. Hopefully miracles are not in a short supply in immediate future.


  1. oh boy! We had some "experts" come over this afternoon. They find me strange and possibly intimidating because I know all their keywords and have already said all of them before they can even open their mouth. Although you have met me, and you know I am far from intimidating...I think anyway.

  2. I just would like to see it! Oh I wish I was that fly on the wall i that room I would probably still be laughing!
    Go girl, somebody has to show them!