Thursday, February 18, 2010

Legal referral

So I got little intimidated by that ton of papers - you have to know - I have problems concentrating and reading and comprehending more than couple of paragraphs is a challenge for me. I have no lawyer, so I called Legal Aid, but they do not do OHRC complaints, but they gave me a Law Society Referral number and I asked for human rights lawyer, and they gave me a number. First lawyer did not do human rights, so they gave me a second number. I called, and was called back. After first two sentences I new it was waste of time even for me, but for some strange reason I continued hoping maybe that after next sentence my frog will explode in to human rights, child rights, autism/disabilities maverick of the lawyer . So the interview lasted about 20 minutes or even longer, and I got that email from him afterwards. This is a record of what I was able to communicate, and what he was able to retain.
So here it is cut and pasted to your entertainment:

New person
Human Rts - Law SocietyReferral
I have 6 yr old dysfunctional - developmental delayed - complained to Human Rts. in Dec 09 - Niagara Artistic discriminated
Waited 2 yrs for therapy - 6 months if not enough progress in therapy - he was in therapy for 18 m then they say he was out of the program - he made 89 % progress - he was denied further therapy in Nov 2008 - mom appealed the decision - b/e he is now 6 he goes to school - he does not get therapy in the school
Appealed to McMaster University Children's Hospital Autism Spectrum Disorder Service working the Ham-Niagara Regional Autism Intervention Program. - she was refused to know who the independent reviewer was except the reviewer worked for the hospital .
Denied the therapy in Nov 2008 - Sept 09 he was transferred to school.
Maria works part time in a hotel as banquet waitress - raising son SEBASTIAN on her own. Dad is unknown - yearly salary $ 17,000
It is very funny.
My life is grotesque - almost cartoonish. Like bad TV sitcom.
But I can not forget that life of the little boy's is at stake here. And a lesson is I have to improve my communication skills.

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