Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Human rights.

People are equal and free. People are free and unequal. Equality and freedom for all.

I think a lot lately. Thoughts roll through my head and sweep through the ages and continents but they do not crystalize in crisp words organized in neat sentences. They just leave me a feeling, and I have to admit I am surprised how heavy and suffocating that emotion is.

Injustice. Discrimination. Prejudice. I never dreamed I will be looking straight in the ugly faces of those monsters. In one of the most developed countries of the world. In the 21 century. But here they are. Uttered and spelled not by ignorant and rough out by educated, and mild mannered. I never dreamed that I will have to fight for the life, for the chance, for the dignity of the most vulnerable.

I do not like confrontation. My first instinct is to flee, and that is how my ancestors probably survived. But here I am, not just a little bewildered. I do not believe I have much choice or much influence over what I can do or what is happening around us. I feel like I we a part of bigger reality I have very little control of.

Do I expect justice in just because I live is the country that thinks of itself a civilized democratic and developed one? Not anymore. I have seen too much. But I am sure I have no choice but to fight. And does not matter if we loose or win. It is a right thing to do.

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