Monday, February 1, 2010

HUman Rights Commission- how it goes

On the picture 120 pages of papers brought over this morning by a currier. I will have to go through them all and create a response. I will have to figure out how. Due to difficulties with concentration I have hard time to read even few paragraphs. You can only imagine me going through legal gobly-goo....

I am on my own because lawyer who initially filled the application for me send me an email saying that it took her more time than she initially expected, and send me an invoice with triple of initial discussed and payed in full before she started any of her work amount, stating that she has done her job applying so I am on my own now. So from now on responding, submitting forms etc is up to me. My below poverty level income does not give me much choice . I remortgaged my house to pay for Sebastian's therapy when we were on waiting list, and got myself in considerable debt since spending just enough to get by. Hamilton Health Sciences can afford a lawyers because they pay with tax payers money. They do not loose sleep trying to figure out how will they pay their legal bills, or worrying of what will happen to children they make wait for years and take away therapy from after "limited" time.

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