Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Halibut lunch

Last few days Sebastian had type 6 and 7 stool , he is stims intensely, is very jumpy and barely sleeps. Considering this, he is in rather exuberant and cheerful mood. But I do not like to watch him spin like mad. It makes me feel helpless, guilty, and irate at the same time.

I was working today, and coincidently we had waited on Americans today. They wanted ice tea in February, and even brought their own ice tea plastic cups with their logo on them. The logo said Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. Isn't it ironic that I work on those functions and have an opportunity to listen to their new CEO explaining in his speech over halibut lunch: "the reasons they have, to be optimistic". Well I do not have knowledge or an expertise, I just suspect that a lot what he said would be a spin, just considering the fact that he is the guy cleaning up, or making it appear to do so, after his greedy predecessors. But I always, always do my autism calculations in my brain so I think If the US government gave let the bankers fall, and used those money to build autism programs, every child that needs it would have their therapy given to them.

And I ponder upon those disposable plastic ice tea cups with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America logo on them in the middle of Canadian winter.


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  2. Well i did that. And I downloaded the strangely altered music. Now I am shopping for wireless usb headphones. There is no way Sebastian would want to wear head phones at all, but may be we can do that when he sleeps. That music is strange, and listening to it is irritating even to me, so may be just may be it has some effect.

  3. hahahahaha Maryna, just stick to the radio babe. Khaled enjoys that way better. He seems to like also watching and listening to the guitar.

  4. He could be a little off with his stool because if he is getting 6 y/o molars and loosing might just cause general upset to his system similar to teething in infant/toddler. When my kids are like that I try to stick to the BRAT diet, Bananas,rice,apples,toast.
    Hope he feels better soon

  5. I think you are right about he teething. I did not even noticed his molars coming. And they are out now. He has been cranky, hyper, and stiming heavy for about a week. He puts everything in his mouth and hums - it is worse at night. But I am crazy busy again with legal papers. I will have more time next week after I am done .