Friday, February 19, 2010

Farm ride

Yesterday we went on the farm ride, and brought home forty pounds of organic chicken bones, one frozen free range chicken, big jar of goat milk for kefir and yogurt, and bag full of grass fed beef. We are carnivores. No surviving on rice and peas for us.

Kefir grains I hope are happy now sitting in a jar of goat milk in my oven with light turned on for little heat. Beside it there is jar of goat milk that hopes to become a yoghurt, and beside them a pot containing happy kombucha mother and some sweat tea. Three different fermenting bacteria cultures.

Year ago I was NOT brewing anything in my owen.

A year ago I was not giving much thought to the fact that


Do you believe it? I will not hold it against you if you do not ;-)

I ordered twenty pounds of organic chicken skins to cook them off for chicken fat. I wander how it all goes. Will I be able to cook off fat from them? Will it be edible? Will it smell? Till now I was cooking in organic coconut oil from iherb. And a lot of ghee made from not organic butter. I am rather reluctant organic enthusiast, but I think that on GAPS diet we eat a lot of meat and animal fat. As everybody knows if the body does not know what to do with the ingested strange substance like medication, pesticide, or heavy metal it puts it away and stores it in fat cells. So if animal eats feed with traces of pesticides on it the concentration of pesticides in its body is hundreds times higher than it was in the food animal ate. Bodies of autistic kids do not excrete heavy metals and toxins well. And that is why it is important to eat organic meat and especially organic animal fat. Therefore I am on the search of inexpensive source of it. Lots of inexpensive organic lard is something I am after. Organic butter or even better ghee at wholesale prices would be a fantastic find.

I just tried a box of organic vegetables from Plan B, and I am going to order more - it is like somebody doing shopping for you - a bit of the adventure.

Year ago I was doing NONE of this things.

Word is changing. I believe for the better.

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