Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doctor's visit

We went to see our family doctor yesterday. She said she see a big difference for the better in Sebastian. He is growing, after years of being paper-like skin on bones and shorter than average kid. He was able to sit on the chair for few minutes waiting while I was talking to the doctor - that never happened before in doctors office. I remember visits when I could not talk to the doctor because Sebastian had a tantrum for the entire time. That is 20 minutes or longer. No, it is not easy to wait with him and he does not stay still for a long time, but recent improvement is very significant.

Sebastian yesterday looked me straight of the eye and then gave me a big smile more than couple of times. That was new. Today he does not do that. Today in the morning he he put my slipers on and marched back and forth. But he is in a good mood, and watching new Blue's Clue's tapes Jannell dropped off this morning. I am cooking big pot of chicken necks, and trying to do some cleaning - our house needs very badly . And yeah, this is the guilt I deal with a lot. He should not spend hours of watching videos, but he does. From time to time he comes to the kitchen, Or I come to his room, we exchange hugs, sing a song , flip through the book, and he runs back to his room asking for turning the TV on. Not good.

Sebastian just came to the kitchen and I asked him to put together puzzle pieces Jannell brought, and he had allergy attack with lots of tears, swollen eyes, crying and running nose. Another mystery. I moved him to his room and he quieted down, but when he came back it started all over. I gave him allergy medication and snapped a picture with my phone. Poor guy, we did not have an allergy attack for couple of months or so. This incident today makes me cringe when I think about what is coming to us with spring.


  1. Maybe it is all those toys I dropped off ...I have cat and dog?

  2. They have a dog and many cats at his babysitters and he is fine wit it.
    One day I will bring Sebastian to your home and we will see. But that was very sudden reaction. I am quite stumped by this as always when it comes to his allergies. He seems to be fine one minute and have very strong reaction next. One day I will figure it out.