Friday, February 5, 2010

At Queen's Park - day 82

I was very efficient and well organised today. In the morning I have printed OHRC forms and responses we were working so hard yesterday on. I put everything to manila envelopes and hit the road. I delivered the envelopes to Hamilton-Niagara Regional Autism Program, and another one to Dr Reitzel the discharge decision signer, and drove to Toronto. I found high office tower where their lawyer has an office high on 44th floor. It is so high that in elevator I felt pressure in my ears. The view from their window is great. It is powerful feeling to look down on the buildings, and tiny cars and insect like pedestrians crowding streets that look like narrow and shallow tunnels borrowed between roofs of the lower the buildings. Giant ant nest.

I left the tower and I marched through the streets to OHRC office on Bay street. I dropped off the forms, and went to Queen's Park that was just steps away from there. It was empty. But I chatted a short while with a guard, snapped a picture, and have met somebody who was interested in our story. On my march through the city back to my car I have met another handsome guy who gave me a brilliant idea I did not think before.

On my way home I have done some shopping.
Sebastian is in the great mood babbling a lot and giving a lot of hugs. What a great day!

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  1. You sound like you were on a mission! Its a great feeling. Yeah C'mon!