Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

As usual Sunday after night I work is not very productive or exiting day - we just rest. We went to the Sears trying to buy waterproof bed cover because Sebastian had an accident last night. He needs to e reminded to go to the bathroom before he goes to bed, and when that doesn't happen, results depend on amount of how much he has been drinking before going to bed. They did not have a sturdy cover I imagined that would have. They had something vinyl that did not have any fibers embedded in it and it would rip in no time, so spending $13 dollars on it would be like throwing away $15 (taxes included) we do not have.

It is not easy to go with him to the store now, because he does not react to 'Stop", tries to run away at every possibility, rolls on the floor, touches and knocks out everything within a reach. When we go to grocery store I put him inside the cart and things are easier that way. He is getting bigger every day and they do not make oversized carts for boys who can not behave in the store. And also he is reaching to other peoples carts and picks up "preferred items" that way. He is fast at it too. We will have to work at it, and go to stores more often again.

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