Thursday, January 21, 2010

My current ball

Well I am not so happy with my ball so much recently?

I do not believe in many things, but I am quite sure that individuals are at least partially responsible for their circumstances. So I am responsible to certain degree for the predicament I am in, and my son, and his future. But again to what degree?

I do not watch news this days. Just thinking about what is happening in Haiti upsets me. The situation there is only getting worse, and the unnecessary suffering of innocent people multiplies. I feel like all I can offer are very un-perfected and rushed moments of prayer. My prayer is not perfect, because my faith and understanding of world around me is faulty at best. It is hard to understand why so much suffering is happening on one small island of a planet. My friend said to me today that one could now ask a very cynical question: "Is Good sleeping, or did Haitians deserve it?" Only sick minded people would believe that the long suffering Haitians had anything to do with the earthquake.

My question is: to what degree are individuals responsible for their own circumstances?


  1. I think there are certain actions we take as individuals that are "bad decisions" and we reap what we sow. But there are many other circumstances where we have no say in the matter, like the Haitian earthquake or Sebastian's disability. All we can do is adapt to the new reality and make the best choices we can despite our circumstances.

  2. Responsibility does not lie only in one individual but is often a chain of responsibility. To think that we alone are responsible for everything that is happening to us is not right because everyone from the checkout counter girl to the librarian, the doctors, the everyday people you come in to contact with share in this responsibility.

    Also we get locked in to our own perspective or context. But one man's suffering is another man's test. Many years ago when I was very young, we had a maid who worked for us in my home country. The police had taken her son for a crime he had not committed and beat him to death in the prison. She described the horror of his imprisonment to us while he was alive in there.
    I was 9 or something. But I think now that everyone who heard that story or knew about what was going on was responsible in varying degrees for their suffering either through inaction, apathy, directly or indirectly etc.