Friday, January 15, 2010

Human Rights Commission Interim remedy conference call.

It did not went well. I was asking for temporary extension of Sebastian's therapy till we are heard. I was outnumbered, outwitted, and they mentioned recently lost Delanie's case that is very similar to ours. I have very uneasy feeling.

How can I be so sure that I am doing what is right, and meet on my way educated, intelligent, well meaning ( I have to assume so, nobody is real evil) that question and fight me nail and tooth? In the process they attempt to trample the future of very sick boy that happened to be my son. Everybody on the other side of the line was doing their job, and was payed by taxpayers money probable all together more for that hour of work than I am making in a month. They were in their offices. I was at home in my messy kitchen watching Sebastian running with his bare unwiped bottom because he decided to go to the bathroom while I was on the phone.

Let's just have hope. Even quivering hope is better than no hope.

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