Thursday, January 14, 2010

Human Rights and equal fighting chance for the most innocent and most vulnerable of Canadians - truth or fiction?

We will soon know the answer.

By the grace of Good, and help of good people, I was able to apply a file complain to Human Rights Commission about Sebastian;s discharge. Future of my child is in my hands and those who will make decisions. It depends on what I will do or not do, what I say, what my faulty brain will choose to remember, or forget. Good have mercy. Pray for me who can.

Humanity is tested in Ontario.

I have no lawyer - I was refused the free one , I can not afford legal helpers rates. Dr Reitzel (the discharge papers signer has one payed by tax payers (your) money. The lawyer will speak for her during telephone conference call we will have tomorrow at three that will decide if Sebastian's therapy will be temporarily extended for the time of proceedings. I am on my own! I fill like the underdog of the day! I will let you know how things went.

I was serious about those prayers.

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