Friday, January 1, 2010

Good times at home

We had another good day at home. Sebastian is in a great mood, has a lot of giggle fits, looks for attention, and is very agreeable. He looks at me, and his face expression changes, he raises his eyebrows, like if he thought about something new, wanted to say something. I cherish every one of those times. Those little moments are new, unexpected delicate and fleeting, but every of them is delightful.

Almost everything is a good reason for giggles for him even wiping buggers from his nose. He giggles a lot before he is ready to go to bed. He sleeps 9 to 10 hours a day with no pharmacological help now. It Is hard to fall asleep for him, and so every day if I let him sleep longer in the morning, he falls asleep later - he has it after me.

For somebody else my life would be very boring, but for me the fact that we can catch full night sleep is refreshing and exiting and not to be taken for granted. I can only hope we will have plenty of nights like that in this coming up decade.

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