Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Extended belly and messy stinky poo

Those pictures were made couple of years ago. I found them when I was sorting contents of an old box. It brought wave of memories. Not good ones.

I made those pictures to show them to my doctor. She send me to prestigious gastrologist doctor from Mac-Master Hospital. We were waiting six moths for the appointment. I had high hopes. I was certain that that doctor will help us. He did not look at the pictures. His assistant did. He said that he had much worse cases everyday (I was wasting his precious time) It was a scene. I could not help myself and bursted into tears. I new that something was terribly wrong with my child. I new that his mucusy stools were not normal, his extended belly was not normal, undigested stinky messy poop for years - not normal. My heart would break every day when I was looking at it. I was reaching for help. I was send home. In tears.

My friend and neighbor, mother of three came to the rescue. - Are you giving him juice? Stop. - she said. I did and mucus mostly went away. But undigested food and stench stayed. It took two more long years for another mother to tell me about GAPS. I really did not want to try another diet, but something made me do it anyways. I would like to say that the rest is history. Well it is not quite so, and pretty, shapely, fragrant stools come and go, and come again. But good mood has been with us for weeks now, most tantrums went away, stiming goes up and down, but sometimes it goes down so much, that it disappears. A miracle.

So if your child:
is growing slowly,
he or she is just, skin and bones,
has extended belly,
has eczema,
has a lot of allergies,
cries a lot,
mouths almost everything, no - EVERYTHING!
is tense, and wired,
does not sleep well, sometimes it seems not to sleep at all,
wakes up in the middle of the night crying,
is cranky and fussy eater,
likes only very few foods,
has messy or very light in color stools,
do NOT believe anybody, doctor or no doctor, if they say that is is "normal", that your child just is like that, that it is his idiosyncrasy and he certainly will grow out of it.

Try GAPS. It just might help. Yahoo has a support group called GAPShelp. One needs a lot of help and reading in the beginning. One needs to unlearn a lot too. It is not going to be easy, but it is feasible even for easily distracted people like me. Your child will get better. But your pots and pans will get greasy. I promise.


  1. OMG--his poor tummy! I cannot believe a doctor could see that and not think this was not normal!!!
    I'm glad you found the GAPS diet. You might want to check out NAET ( We have a woman, in our area, who is doing NAET for FREE--we live outside of Detroit. Also, check out "The Play Project" ( This is an intervention that is more natural for parents, as it is play (floortime) and follows the child's lead. It is a LOT less expensive than ABA/IBI and teaches the PARENT how to interact with their child, for the best results. Good luck!

  2. I am so glad you posted the pictures Maryna. I wish that I had some of when Luke was going through this all I have are the memories of that time. Everyday he would down cups of sugar filled juices and they told me to just add water to it not to stop giving it to him. Although even while this was going on he was still a happy healthy little boy, but clearly Sabastian is suffering in these pictures. There still are some good DR's out there only the ones that give a damn.

  3. I missed this post, just saw it.

    What a disservice. I am glad that you posted this Maryna because it just shows that health plays such a major part in a person's behavior and development.

    I become lazy about GFCF diet, and then khaled has some aweful days and I get back on track again and things improve. I don't believe in other things we have tried and some things out there I will never try. Diet however has been, just in my personal experience, key to my child's progress.