Monday, January 18, 2010

Delanie Court ruling.

I am posting the court ruling against Delanie Ceretti with permission of her father Paul.
I can not describe my fillings when I try to read it. I have not read all 10 pages. just can not get through it.

So here is the ruling. Read carefully. Do it for me.

After I have read it, and after I have heard how Ontario Human Rights Commission mediator reacted to the news tat that decision , and after how he ruled against extending Sebastian's therapy temporarily for the time of proceedings - I have no hope we will be heard. I would need a "Dream Team" of very crafty and experienced law mavericks. I was very naive thinking that it would be enough just to explain myself.

The situation is simple to me. Sebastian is low functioning autistic child. Very delayed child. He was waiting for two years for therapy funding.In 18 nmonths of therapy he made amazing progress (89%) after long time of regression and stagnation. He has long way to go but he can go far with help. Nobody is able to predict how far he can get. There is no way to prove how he will develop. Some low functioning individuals make amazing leaps, some high functioning individuals regress. He is severely autistic, and he can not learn like other kids: by imitation and from their environment. His education and progress will stop and he is in danger of regression if therapy stops.

With his markers, functioning as low as he did he had no chance from the onset to meet the Continuation Criteria according to which he was discharged. Only small percentage of highre functioning kids do. And those that do are likely to be discharged because they are not autistic enough already and ready to join main stream education. So Sebastian was discharged because he PROGRESSED slowly. He progressed slowly because severe autism caused his developmental delay.

He was discharged because he was developmentally delayed.
Resources are available if the administration was be able to redirect the tens of thousands of dollars school board receives to accommodate handicapped student - to his therapy.

He has no chance without therapy to achieve his full potential. That is a nature of his disability.

And what is beside the point here but truth - the social cost of treating children like Sebastian like he is teated is devastating for thousands of individuals who are directly effected by the disease, for their immediate and extended families, and is also great loss of beautiful minds that could contribute if given a chance to out future society.

I would like people who work behind the desks payed by taxpayers money hear me. So far nobody has been listening.

I need some cheering up. I will watch this again.

Sebastian is throwing up. May be it is just a flu.

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  1. What at douche bag. This is not just "sad" or immoral and all those things. The statements are scientifically wrong. I don't even know what IBI they are talking about. What is this time limited intervention? Who researched and studied and then deemed it approrpiate for wasting tax payers money on?

    What a load of bullshit. They will for sure rot in hell.