Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Saturday

I was working today and I am either too busy or too scattered to catch up with myself. But I have to tell the world: I really like the people I am working with - so many gentle, good hearted souls in one small place must be a rare occurrence - I am very lucky to find it.

I have a lot to write about.

When I was standing protesting in front of the Queen's Park building, I often felt that I was having little to no impact on the situation. I was thinking that I would achieve more taking legal path.

Now the Ontario courts have decided it is OK to discharge Delanie Cetetti from IBI therapy because all the bureaucratic procedures were followed to the T. Wouldn't you like to meet those people and congratulate them? There is no real need: I suspect they congratulate themselves a lot, because they look very satisfied with themselves. That is my impression. I had the pleasure to meet half of the army of them during Sebastians' discharge. Well, I did not congratulate anybody yet. But I made it clear what I think about them without using any swearwords. It takes a considerable, and in my opinion admirable, amount of self-restrain.

I will write now how my OHRC proceedings are going, and it promises to be an interesting ride, although I really do not have much confidence in the process. I will explain why in my next post.

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