Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brave face

I have no brave face to put on today.

Sebastian was throwing up last night in spite of the fact that he did not eat anything, just drunk some soup and water. Today he was stiming like mad in the morning, and now he is just crying. He is clearly in pain.

I would like to crawl in some crevasse, curl up in the ball and disappear.

I have no hope OHRC will help us. They already have ruled against extending Sebastian temporarily for the time of preceding. Dr Jo-Ann Reitzel the proud discharge papers signer must be very happy. She and others like her fill much more confident signing more discharges. Now they will not wait 12 or 18 months. They can do it much more efficiently just after 6 months! That will make ministry much more efficient, because they will reduce the waiting list by 25% from 4 to 3 years. Progress in developed country. Admirable!

I do not even know if I will be able to, and if it is worth energy and time to go through the motions of OHRC process. I need a lawyer - free, and now, I have 10 days to get ready, and than two months waiting for the verdict.

I do not believe really and it is difficult to me to even comprehend what am I going through.

Some days it is very difficult to remember that the universe we live in is a friendly place.


  1. Maryna, I am so sorry to hear this. It's not an answer to your IBI therapy problems, but have you ever considered applying for an interest-free loan from Lend4health to see a DAN! doctor about Sebastian's tummy? Tori (the founder of Lend4health) is wonderful, and so are the community of lenders there.


    I'm rooting for you and Sebastian.

    ps. I'm glad you liked the soap. :-)

  2. There are DAN! doctors in Ontario are also medical doctors; a health card is all that is required to see them if you are wanting to try the biomedical route.

  3. Maryna,

    Have you ever considered moving to Alberta? I know it is far away but they will provide you with a lot of services until Sebastian is 18, including respite for you. You will get much more than you are getting in Ontario.