Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bleeding gums

My gums bled since I remember. In primary school when we were instructed how to brush our teeth my toothbrush was more pink than other kids toothbrushes. Our school had a complete dentist office with chair and equipment where dentist would come once or twice every week and every student would be checked up at least once a semester and had their fillings done for free.

Since then, over the years I was being put to shame many times during teeth cleaning sessions by spiffy dentist assistants that were telling me that my gums bleed because I my dental hygiene sucks. I have seen plenty of dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontist since I had my braces in my thirties. They were diligent about s scheduling next cleaning appointment. During each teeth cleaning session between almost condescending remarks about state of my gums I was always advised to brush often and floss a lot so that my gums "get used to brushing", "hardened" and would not bleed anymore. That would never happen.

My gums were always always sensitive, hurt plenty and would always swell after brushing unless I rinsed or even brushed second time with Listerine. I had to use Listerine a lot. No other mouth wash would be strong enough. I thought that that is how my gums were, and learned to live with it. Couple of years ago my friend mentioned and recommended Waterpik, oral water jet cleaning device, but I have never heard about it before, and never have seen one.

Lately my gums started to recede. No wander, over 30 years of gingivitis would do that to any gum line. It is kind of scary though. So when I noticed at Costco Waterpik Dental Water Jet I picked it up.

Since gingivitis bacteria thrives without oxygen, I added a tablespoon of peroxide to my water. My gums bled and I felt prickly sensation very first day I used the jet, but on the day THREE my gums stopped hurting and stopped bleeding and hasn't been bleeding since when brushed. First time in my life. A miracle! My mouth feels fresh and cleaner than any flossing would ever achieve.

I am posting this because although I do not like electric gadgets in general, this one I wish I had been using for a long time since eliminating inflammation sources is important to overall health. And overall health is important to over all well-being. And overall well-being is essential to creating happiness and peace. And that is what we are all after. Peace and happiness for everyone :-)

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