Friday, January 8, 2010

26 hour day

Sebastian's biological clock thinks that a day is not 24 hours long, but 26 or so. He falls asleep at least one hour later than he did day before, and sleeps up at least two hours pass the time than he got up day before. Unless I wake him up of course. Unless I peel him off bed half conscious and warm.

At night after I turn off all the lights, and lay in bed beside him, if I do not do that, he will look for me take me by hand and bring me to bed. And so, we lay down in the dark, he still gets up and runs to his playroom, comes back, jumps up on the bed giggles, that is followed be tossing and turning, for about an hour. but when he finally falls asleep, he sleeps deeply for at least ten hours if I et him. And I do not like waking him in the morning - I think he grows and heals when sleeping so well. But if I do that, next night we will have very difficult time to put him to bed.

I must say that it is rather tiring for me. Yet it is entire universe away from waking up just after three hours of sleep, and staying up rest of the night that was much more common just few months ago.

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  1. Yes Maryna, I agree, this is a good thing.

    Khaled would come to my bed every night and I had to send him back, it would take him then maybe an hour to fall back to sleep.

    Now however, he has grown smarter and he sneaks in my bed and we don't wake up! Not until its too late and its like 5 am or something and there he is sleeping peacefully. I don't want to wake him then of course. I don't know how he does it. I am going to start locking my door and obviously that means we will be going back to crisis resolution in the middle of the night. Just cant bring myself to do it.