Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter allergies

I was talking on a phone with a friend yesterday, and I was telling her how great Sebastian is doing lately. I was telling her how he hasn't had an allergy attack or a tantrum for weeks, how his eye contact improved so much that his therapists, teachers and and even his school principle noticed. And I probably jinxed it . Just little while after I hanged up Sebastian started having strangest stims: He was waving his arms and shaking his head and he was making loud noises. It lasted for over an hour. when it was bed time, we went to bed, but he was getting more and more agitated and intense, and eventually he blew up to full blown tantrum and to puling my hair. I was trying to figure out what he ate that did not agree with him. Eventually I turned the lights on, and I noticed that his eyes are red and swollen. I administered some eye-drops (not an easy task), and antihistamine, and he quieted down and fell asleep in twenty minutes. He is fine today.

I do not know what triggered his allergic reaction. I cleaned up the ceiling fan and cured cast iron pan. Truly I have no idea what happened. It makes me fill like I have no control over our environment, and no ability predict and prevent my child's suffering. It took me over an hour of helplessly watching him being in pain to realize what really is happening and that he actually is in pain. Being so helpless is very frustrating. I wish I had one room in my house that would have filtered air so we could hide in there. I would also like to have a house with heat in floors and not from dusty ducts blown by furnace.
I wish...


  1. Hi Marina,
    I've noticed that Kevin and Sebastian have allergies on the same days. Kevin too had really bad allergies on Friday and Saturday. He was crying and complaining of really bad headaches.He usually doesn't have allergies during winter months ,but this year he sneezes a lot every morning. I too dont have any idea what triggers them. It is so frustrating.
    I hope things get better for you guys and I wish you the best of luck.
    I'm going to miss you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  2. This is very odd ...
    I do not know hat to think about it. Is it possible that Northern wind brings some allergens from far faraway?
    I am wandering if there are countries where there is less allergens than is others.
    I noticed on weather network that in Newfoundland the allergy season is shorter than in Ontario.

  3. Hi Maryna
    Sorry to hear that Sab had another reaction...I was chatting with my mother in law she has tons of allergies and she mentioned one so I thought I would send it to you. Call me anytime