Monday, December 28, 2009

Under the weather

I feel under the weather again. In the days like that I can tag along but simple tasks seem to require heroic efforts. Coffee and ibuprofen "breakfast" helps a bit. Scary thing is that when I have googled Lyme disease symptoms I discovered that I have many of them. The fact that I had meningitis after the trip to Poland over a year ago makes my suspicions stronger. It is quite possible that I have it. That is rather scary. I have met people suffering from Lyme disease when they were protesting under the Queen's Park. It is not a good illness to have.

Sebastian is in good mood, we laid in bed singing songs and counting toes for over an hour. He is so good lately :-) I love everything about him. His smile, the way he looks around, the way he jumps and how stomps his feet, and how his hair that is too long now stands up on his head like little antennas.

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