Wednesday, December 16, 2009

School meeting.

We had today another transition meeting. I am very impressed with what school staff is doing to accommodate Sebastian. Sebastian likes it there too. He has lots of new toys, entire classroom to himself, less demands on himself, and also he has attention of great women he enjoys a lot. Lately he is much calmer and does not have major tantrums.

Sebastian now is in school so Chedoke is no longer responsible for Sebastian speech development. School is. I asked about speech therapy for Sebastian at school. There is not any. There is a possibility of speech therapist assessing a child, and then the speech therapist would pass the instructions of exercises to a teacher or teaching assistant. Great idea! All school kind could be treated like that for not only speech impairment, but psychological, and physical conditions. Just show the teachers how and what to do it. I bet that with proper instructions they could effectively perform not only speech therapy, but also physical therapy, may be also easier medical tasks like immunizations, blood tests, and who knows one day may be one day even simple appendectomies.
And if parents want speech therapy for their children from speech therapist they have to pay. That is how the system works. Poor kids can lisp.

Teaching assistants are wonderful people though. Sebastian teaching assistant Maureen and her sister gave me enormously huge Christmas hamper filled up with gifts. We are all ready for Christmas now. Thank you.

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  1. what lovely people. It is these people who work in the "field" in this huge machinery who make the real difference in the children's lives. Where as some people in higer paid positions of great responsibility scare me and have no business being involved in any childhood affairs or being around kids!