Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas rush

We went to Polish store, bought some dried mushrooms, and peas, and pound of homemade bacon, and jar of sauerkraut for cooking. Sebastian was good in the store except of the moments when he was grabbing the bread from other shoppers carts.

I called my mom to make sure I have the recipe for "góralska kapusta" right, and so we are now ready to start cooking. Kapusta trespasses Gaps diet a little since it has potatoes in and a little bit of flour, but this is smell and taste of Christmas Eve of Polish mountains where I grew up, so we will have it without modifying the recipe much, but taking out the gluten.

Yesterday a little package came from Saskatchewan filled up with aromatic handmade from organic ingredients soap. The smell gently fills up entire room. The soap was made by mom of a boy on spectrum like me. I admire her for it, because I do have trouble with kipping up with my dishes and laundry, and doing something so involved and labour intensive like high quality handmade soaps must be very difficult. René has chosen big name for her small company and I like it a lot. Dominion Handmade Soap Company is a grand name and says it all.
I have never seen how soap is made, I just can imagine the big pots, and trays, and smells, and I think that that is one of the things I would like to put on my "bucket list".
So the Christmas this year forms it's magic atmosphere by mixing unique scents and sounds in our little home - it is a little like time and space travel without going far.

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