Sunday, December 6, 2009

Noodle night pictures.

I was working and closing last night, so I came home little before 3AM. Sebastian woke up at 7:30 but he let me snooze for about two hours. He stayed in bed with me from time to time trying to open my eyes with his hands, and sticking his fingers in my ears, but all that in a good mood and smiling all the time, in spite of his nose covered with green dried up buggers. He has running nose, I cough a little and have a headache, but we are both in good spirits today.

Simon send us pictures from our night on the town in Vietnamese restaurant last week.


  1. That is a great noodle place and I remember how funny Sebastian was sucking in the juicy Pho noodles when he was small. His cheecks would pucker in, his lips would purse out, he could really pack them away. Hard to believe he is so big now.
    Great pics, nice memories. Thanks Simon and Maryna.

  2. Thank you Genevieve,
    It is truth, we always had good times at that noodle joint.