Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Night in the town

Today after school straight from school bus I put Sebastian to the stroller and we went to the post office. He walked and run a bit, but mostly enjoyed the ride quite contently. We stopped by in the You Me art gallery. We have been coming there on our way to downtown since Sebastian was very little. Now it is more difficult than when he was smaller. I hope it will get easier with time to go with him places. Sebastian was running around, touching walls and paintings and grabbing things. the owner and his friends were very kind to us. It was worth it to stop by. Walls are covered with large , black on white paintings painted on recycled material. Stark, decorative and rich at the same time - just stunning.

In the post office located in the drugstore things got difficult because shelf filled up with potato chips was standing just by CanadaPost counter. Sebastian really wanted them. We rushed from there as soon as we could. Since our friend Simon lives near by we went to pay him surprise visit. We were treated to little tea, and little wine and delicious bowl of beans. Simon is moving about month from now so it was probably the last time we could pay him an unexpected visit like that. Simon's place is filled up with a lot of little trinkets, but we managed not to break anything.

We reminisced a bit since it is exactly seven years since we moved to Hamilton. Simon and I decided to go to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant for a bowl of rice noodle soup to celebrate. We were taking Sebastian to that place when he was just few months old. He was very little, but he was cracking us up when he was sucking in amazingly long rice noodles. Sebastian has harder time now to sit still in the restaurant simply because he does not fit anymore in the high chair, and his constant compulsion to move is impossible to control. Frankly, it is exhausting. We have chosen a corner table so I could block him from running around, but we had to take away salt shakers and all tray with chopsticks and spoons and napkin dispenser to prevent him from putting things to his mouth and dropping something on the floor. He licked the table and the windows - we could not take those away. The soup was delicious and filling, and since we did not have any major accidents enitre event was a succes. After that we went to grocery store, and that was busy day for us.

Simple activities are challenging and just getting through them without major mishaps is a big succes. Sebastian could benefit from doing things like that more often, but it is exausting and sometimes simply unsafe to take him to many places by myself. I am really not concerned with people looking at as. Most of the time I am so busy watching Sebastian and making sure he is safe, I do not have time to look at people reactions to us and do not bother even explain why he is behaving like that. Sebastian's strange behaviour is now more noticeable for strangers and more startling for them now when he is older. I hope he will get more understanding and easier to control because we have a lot of places to go and things to learn.

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  1. hasn't the Behavior Institute or the place you go for therapy suggested a way to allow sebastian to self regulate so he can overcome his strong moving compulsion.

    We have the same problem. It has got very very slightly better (we are still pulling away from other peoples tables at restaurants and from chip counters in shops) - but walking holding hands first short distances then long distances and just sitting together quietly doing something without any words or any demands - has helped khaled realize what being self regulated means - physically. I hope he can overcome his urge to move so much - maybe cut it down to rocking or some other manageable stim that helps him regulate and also helps him exist safely in his environment.