Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy day at home

We had great day today. We spend it all in the house. Sebastian was happy and funny and had fantastic eye contact. I am still startled and surprised by it every time it happens spontaneously. He did not stim much either.

I myself felt very well too, and finished little house improvement project that was waiting to be completed for about five years. Very satisfying. Yes, I use some power tools. Mainly the drill, and I am not very precise, so I often have to do things twice, yet I completed something today. There is much more to do, but now I have a hope again that it can be done.

We had a stretch of days longer than a week now that Sebastian did not have a mayor meltdown. I am getting used to it :-)

As I am writing it I can hear noise is the attic. Animal noises. Are squirrels nocturnal? I have to google it. Bother.


  1. Could be squirrels, racoons or mice, and because it is cold they have made a home in the attic. It may also be a reason for Sebastian's allergies acting up too because their dander and fur could get into the heat vents. You might want to buy some cheese cloth to put in the vents to help keep the air clean and if you can afford it Canadian Tire sells a portable table top air cleaner for around $80 that works great! I have one in my daughters bedroom and it's on all day with her door closed to keep the air in her room nice and clean. But start with the cheese cloth it will help trap a lot of allergens.

  2. Good ideas. Thank you.
    I think along the same lines. I closed all vents completely by stuffing them with old towels over a month ago. I bought electrical heater for Sebastian's room and I mounted it on the wall so Sebastian can not reach it. I bought the air filter in the spring, but it is the tall kind that stands up on the floor and Sebastian loves to push the buttons on it and knocks it down a lot. I turn it on sometimes, but it is not on all the time. It is cool in the house, but we wear a lot of fleece and wool clothing. I even keep windows crack open when we have west winds.

    We are not big fans of forced air heat are we? I dream about living in the home in heat in low maintenance, mopable floors. I want wood stove too. :-) Somebody Mile Holmes could come over and fix our little old house. The reality is that it would take more than the house is worth to fix it properly. Yet still dream about it.