Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas decorating.

Since Sebastian was born we always have had a real Christmas tree up. The first one was the best. I did not have any decorations, so I have made some traditional straw and tissue paper garlands, and I baked ginger bread, decorated it with white icing and hang up on the tree. It smelled fantastic, it looked awesome. It was the best and the happiest Christmas tree we ever had.

This year I do not feel up to getting the tree up. I worry that it might make Sebastian's allergies worse, but may be it is just an excuse. So I was not sure what to do till Sebastian after his last day of school came home with backpack and bag filled up with huge handmade christmas decorations. He may be even "lend his hand" making some of them thanks to his teachers. I hang them up in the window, and here they are spreading Christmas Cheer!

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