Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

During first week of school brake we were getting to bed everyday a little later than day previous, and so on Christmas Eve Sebastian fell asleep after one in the morning. I had to drop him off before seven in the morning since I had to be at work at eight.

I went to work on Friday to do Christmas branch. It is tradition to many to take go to church and after that treat themselves and their loved ones to brunch. The room was filled up. I noticed many middle aged children assisting their elderly parents. Branch is festive enough and I think perfect solution for people who have two sets of people to spend their Christmas with. They can do branch and dinner, and keep everyone happy and attended.

The harp lady was playing next to seafood station. The food was plentiful the music mellow surroundings luxurious. I expected that it will be over by two at the latest, but I punched out at five.

I came to pickup Sebastian at dinner time bit after six. He spend al day with my neighbors, and was opening presents from under the tree with kids, but he was good and did not cause many troubles. He was tired and fell asleep soon after we came home. I was hoping that he would be tired enough to sleep all through the night. He was not. He waken up at midnight. I was not happy. I was tired and had a huge headache and was fighting a little bug, and all I wanted is to go back to bed. Thanks heavens for ibuprofen! Sebastian joined me in bed around 5AM and we slept till noon.

It was two days ago and I am still tired. But that is may be because I am fighting a little but stubborn bug. Sebastian is good like a little angel. He smiles and gives a lot of hugs.

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