Friday, December 18, 2009


I has been working lately more since time before Christmas is the most busy time in banquet business. Recession trimmed off Christmas parties by more than half last year, and this year was even leaner. Working banquets is a little like playing sports. Each function waiters are divided into two people teams, and each team is assigned number of tables anything from one ( on very very fancy parties) to five or eight when short of staff and menu is simple, and client has lower expectations, or when it is a buffet.

People I have been working with are born mostly outside of Canada. I will mention just a few countries in random order: India, Poland, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine, former Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece, Russia, Italy, England, Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Hungary, Iran, Nigeria. During serving each team in order to be efficient and fast must share the work load and communicate well. In this circumstances it is easy to very quickly to get to know a person character and work ethics. Personality conflicts reinforced sometimes by cultural differences are erupting often, but the common goal is to get the job done, and more often than not natural human tendency to avoid conflicts and common sense wins.

My work colleagues have been putting up with my absentmindedness, and has helped me countless times when I was falling behind, and were always there to give me little tip or advice or a nudge when I needed it.
Through the years I have directly experienced so much of human kindness from strangers from all over the world, that that gives me hope for entire human kind. So here you are: The Holiday festive spirit emerging ever so gently.

Vanity room we work most often at.

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