Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day without a tantrum

Yesterday we had a day without a tantrum. We spend a lot of time hugging and wrestling, singing jumping on the bed and looking at the books. Sebastian is such a joy and delight when he feels well.

I was hoping for another day like that but soon after he came home he started crying. And fifteen minutes later he was crying louder and his eyes were pink and starting to swell. I gave him antihistamine and twenty minutes later he calmed down. He had another tantrum few hours later, and he calmed down watching Blue's Clues. So how comes that one day he is fine, and has an allergy reaction the next, and than another tantrum, can only suspect but do not really understand the reason? I wish I new more, and felt more in control.

I was working lunch serving two hundred bankers who bragged how many hundreds of millions they have made.

At the Queen's Park Celebrations went on without me.

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