Thursday, November 5, 2009

School transition meeting.

I had this morning Sebastian's transition school meeting. In spite of the fact that transition coordinator from Chedoke did not show up, the meeting went very well. School staff from principal and coordinators, to teaching assistant and lunch lady are doing everything they can to accommodate Sebastian. And it is not an easy task. They are getting to know him to be able to predict and deal with his violent outbursts with scratching and biting and hair grabbing. He has entire classroom where he has his table, pecks, puzzles, a lot of great new toys, books, and a even a little TV. Sebastian's teaching assistant has an experience with working with autistic children, and they already have a connection. Sebastian is definitely happy there. School is doing everything they can, it is encouraging and I am very thankful for it.

My concern is how Sebastian will do in less structured environment for a longer run, and if he will be able to learn as much as he can with IBI, and how it will affect his future.

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