Sunday, November 1, 2009

Macaroni and cheese envy

We did not go to the farmer's market on Saturday. Last Saturday I bought apples and grapes. Sebastian craved and ate a lot of them, but they were coming out of him undigested. I did not want to wrestle with him, taking away from his hands apples he had already helped himself to and even bitten into. I took the easier way out and stayed home, since we had plenty of vegetables. But I did run out of onions, and we went to get some at our supermarket.

My shopping is easy now. I only visit the fruit and vegetables section followed by eggs and butter. All bagged, boxed and sealed-in-colorful-packaging goods are not for us. But when I was passing through the rest of the store I noticed the stack of boxes of macaroni and cheese, two for 99¢, and I thought: I do envy parents of healthy children that can feed their kids whatever they want. Wouldn't it be easy and just wonderful to get few boxes of that and cook it and serve, and just not worry about gluten allergies, "leaky guy syndrome", undigested food in stool, GAPS diet, or anything else?

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  1. Yes Maryna it would! It would be wonderfully easy and convenient but we'd know that it wasn't really good for them and probably feel guilty about it. I'm sure that today's convenience foods effect even healthy children in more subtle ways. Sebastian is very lucky to have you for a mum.