Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look what I can do!

Yesterday I was at the Children's College to observe Sebastian in action. He was doing very well. He was putting together four and six piece puzzles, matching the pictures to the objects, and objects to the pictures, picking up dropped objects, putting toys in place, looking through the book, turning the lights off, requesting toys with pecs, going to the toilet and pulling his pants up and down, eating his snack with the spoon, asking for water, taking the dirty fork to the sink. He is able to follow a lot of instructions. He pays attention and responds, and looks to the therapist for feedback. Big stuff.

In the "cabie" next to Sebastian's was a boy about eight years old, and higher functioning than Sebastian, who just started therapy couple of months ago. He was resisting vigorously, and had a really tough time following instructions.

I was thinking "My God! Where Sebastian would be without therapy?" It is even hard to imagine. He would be much worse than any kid I know. I remember when he started at two years old, his first sessions lasted two hours. He would scream full throttle with a high pitched voice non stop for an hour and a half. It sounded as if somebody was trying to peel his skin off. He would stop only from sheer exhaustion. It was very hard to listen to. But I knew nobody was harming him. The therapists were saying "Do this" and asking him to put a block to the bucket.

I could not teach him what he can do now by myself. I am infinitely grateful to all the people who could.

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