Sunday, November 22, 2009

Half full...

I do not tolerate sleep deprivation like I used to. It takes me couple of days to recover from the times I work the dinner shift at the hotel, come home between two and three in the morning, and sleep about four hours, till Sebastian wakes up. The day after a shift like this goes a little slower than normal. Sebastian roams in his pajamas, we do not go out unless I have to, and I have harder time to think and plan the next thing to do. When I cook I do not keep up with cleaning after myself, the house becomes more messy than it was a day before, and I have a hard time remembering what I have to prepare for the next day. And that is when I work on weekends. When I work on weekdays, I have to drive Sebastian to school the next morning, and it is even harder.

The pay for each function at the hotel is different--the gratuities depend on the price of food and the number of servers. Amount of hours differ too. Mistakes can happen in the accounting department. I was never taking notes and checking my paycheck stubs like other servers did. I finally did today, because a lot of my colleagues mentioned that a lot of mistakes are being made on the payroll. In the two weeks period I worked in this busy time of the year, I covered three dinners and two lunches.I was not payed for both lunches, and for closing two of the dinners. A few hundreds of dollars mistake was made four out of five times, to my detriment.

So the question is, of course, how many similar mistakes have happened over the years? I will never be able to track it. And you know what? I was not even upset much. Lately I am taking such staggering blows from life that that felt hardly like a pinch. I am stressed to the limits, and like with everything that happens in my life I can only blame myself for not checking earlier, for being too trusting and passive, for not being able to concentrate, remember, envision, predict, reason. Anyhow, I am doing all I can, so there is really no point or benefit in involving emotions and getting upset over the matter. But I remember times when I would not remain so stoic.

On the "glass is full" side of life, Sebastian had a wonderful day running around in his flannel green Hulk pajamas. No allergies, no tantrums at all. Lots of smiles, hugs and giggles. Great eye contact, and fantastic looking stool again after a long messy streak. I decided to do the Gaps diet intro again over the holidays. We keep trucking along.

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  1. I'm glad Sebastian is doing so well, Maryna. Make sure the hotel reimburses you for those unpaid hours!