Monday, November 23, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 75

The weather was fantastic. I had an interview with a journalist from Ryerson.

No picture today. The battery died in my camera, and my cell phone camera is broken.
Now I can not find my old breaking down Coolpix, so I am not recharging the battery - there are not going to be any pictures tomorrow either. You will have to believe my word that I was there. Bother.


  1. No worries - we BELIEVE you and believe IN you!!!!

  2. Thank you Fiona,
    I really need somebody to believe in me. First I have broken my cellphone camera, than I have lost second battery to my ancient Nikon Coolpix, now I can not find the old digital companion made in Japan about ten years ago. Now I will have to master making pictures with my laptop. Bother, bother.