Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 73

The weather was so gorgeous, it was impossible to be in a bad mood today. Brian Coldin was there, with his mother this time. She is a delightful lady. We had wonderful chat, and time passed quickly.

I had to leave early to go to Children's College for a monthly meeting about Sebastian's progress, and that was very encouraging. He is still making progress in spite of reduced hours. He is focused and matching his pictures to objects with ease. What is more important, he smiles and is looking at the therapist's face for feedback. That is an accomplishment not to be taken for granted!

Hearing this makes me think that it is worth the effort to help him, because he is putting so much effort into doing his part very well.


  1. Of course it is worth the effort to help him!!!!!
    Damn Mcguinty's government.

  2. That's awesome about Sebastian's eye contact and progress!