Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 71

Today I was happy to see Muskoka worrier for justice Brian Coldin. He came with his friend to help him erect his tall and heavy cross shaped sign.

Chinese tourists listened to explanations of what his protest was was about, with help of their translator.

The George Brown statue was getting cleaned up for tomorrow's Remembrance Day celebrations. A lot of VIPs will attend. I know about it because I had a phone call from Queen's Park Security around 5PM today letting me know in a very polite way that there will be no room for me on Queen's Park lawn before 1PM tomorrow. I promised to cooperate and stay where the general public is allowed, on north side of the park. I really do not want to cause any unpleasantness for the VIPs that the front of the Queen's Park is reserved for. They waited all year to put on red poppies and celebrate their Remembrance Day in peace, and not be distracted by a middle aged woman (is she quite sane?) with a pathetic sign over her head demanding therapy for her autistic child.

I was going to go and watch from afar, but I was called to come to work the lunch shift at the hotel around 8PM. Lucky VIPs. They were in danger of having a glimpse of me, and then they would have to pretend they do not see me. How awkward.

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