Friday, November 13, 2009

Another school transition meeting

We had another meeting arranged by Dr. Reitzel with the participation of school representatives and so-called transition coordinators. I have learned that I can be assisted by them. How? They will meet me and discuss challenges I am encountering regarding Sebastian and then they will consult me, and give some advise - since they are government hired experts who know how to tackle challenges arising when upbringing autistic children. I wonder if the government has similar services for, say, homeless people. Homeless people could use some advice from people who have never lived on the street, and hope they will never get there thanks to the government job they have, who are not board-certified psychologists, but who are really good at giving advice for people. They have been doing it all their life. Homeless people's problem is the lack of a roof above their head, so will they benefit from limited time offer, tax payers funded advice from an expert. NO? Our problem is that the therapy Sebastian's so desperately needs is being taken away from him, but I (the mother of the child) can use some advice - think how good it will look on the reports! It will be called support given to a parent, and successful transition of the child to a school system.

A Children's College representative was present there too, and her dialog and exchange of information with the school staff was very positive and useful. The ladies from St Brigid's School are fantastic. They are going above and beyond their call of duty, I am very thankful and admire them for it.


  1. did you chose to send Sebastian to a catholic school?

  2. Yes, I was brought up catholic, Sebastian was baptized, and public school in our area has very bad reputation - in contrast to catholic school that everybody I talked to has something very good to say about. And so far I have been proven right. I have met many wonderful people working there.

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