Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rude awakening.

I just realized yesterday that for over a year I was spending much more than I was making. Nothing extravagant--I am not a big spender, but just a few hundred dollars a month has accumulated into thousands. And there is always some necessary extra expense coming up. For example, last month I payed over $500 for fixing my car. Two months ago it was a used fridge I had to buy, the month before that a food processor. And there are more expenses coming up. Because I was getting money from the DFO, thousands of dollars were always coming and going from my account, and I lost track of it. I had a feeling I might be a couple of thousand in the hole, but over time I dug the hole much deeper than that. And last year I was working less too because of the recession. I did not feel too great health-wise either, so even if I had more work it would have been difficult. So, in case I did not have enough stress lately... We are going to the farmers' market today. But today I will go there with less joy, asking how much everything costs and adding it all up in my head.

This money tree picture is a wish for my financial worries to turn around. Who says it will not grow in my yard soon?


  1. I have unrealistic expectations of my bank account.

  2. Hi, don't know if this will help bu we have quite a few ABA/IBI aids that our son no longer uses, e.g. flash cards, etc. Would these be useful.

  3. Oops, forgot to id myself. It's Bob from the list.