Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never ending allergy season

Sebastian is not feeling good, and he did not go to school today. My little guy is miserable a lot. I am considering cutting my hair short like last year, since he started grabbing it again. He is allergic to something inside, or maybe outside too - we live close to all kind of air polluters, steal, beer and soy products makers. Wind changes a lot, so maybe that has something to do with it. And fact that my house is 120 years old, sits on unfinished basement that was home to all kind of molds growing happily there for over a century is not helping either. I have dehumidifier running there all the time, but with every rain stone walls are getting wet. I know who could fix my problem. Mike Holmes could. He would come, fix my basement and put in air filters, the kind they have in hospitals, and we would live happily ever after.


  1. I am a Mike Holmes fan too.
    Khaled is refusing to go outside becuase of the cold.

  2. Mike Holmes is the greatest of canadian superheroes. And he made it doing it right. I wish our government administrators learned from him.