Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mark Kelley email

I received Email from Mark Kelley today:
I was just forwarded your blog, and read your comments about our coverage of your story. Connie's treatment was to reveal the isolation you feel because you have no support from the government, including the fact what little support you get will soon be lost. Our second guest Linda Needham said specifically how she had to wait 4 years for help for her son 20 years ago, how the waiting list is even longer now, and how expensive that help can be...if you are lucky enough to get it. Her point was that people who may feel isolation should find some other support to help them through the waiting period. She offers that support- as a volunteer for the past 15 years.

Blaming us for failing to mention your petition is fair. Blaming is for communist-style propaganda?

I am happy to include, on our website, the fact you have a petition, and we can endeavor to put a link to it. I'm not sure why you have come to the conclusion we were out to misrepresent your struggle. It's a touching story that received an overwhelming response from our viewers. Our aim was to bring the struggle of parents with autism to light, rather than leaving it in the shadows of political neglect.


Mark Kelley


  1. how interesting. They have the arrogance to sound hurt by your communist comment.

  2. Is this guy even talking about the same show? What a joke!

  3. What get's me the most was that Linda Needham had clearly stated she was on the wait list for 4 years for residential placement for her son. This is infact the one thing our family is not looking for and is slap in the face! We fight for services for our kids so that they can get the IBI, SLP and OT they are entitled to so they can become independant, successful members of our society and not just shipped off to some heartless facility to waste away because they are deemed "not worthy" of asisstance! This is ludicris, our government spends millions of dollars every year keeping convicts comfortable in isolation! They are the ones that are "not worthy" not our kids who will never even be given the chance to prove that!