Sunday, October 11, 2009

Improve autistic care: Quebec ombudsman

The Quebec Ombudsman investigated the situation of autistic children in that province, and came out with recommendations to improve their care. Here is the link to article about it.

The Ontario Ombudsman's reply to complaints of parents of Autistic kids was that he will "monitor" the situation. Here is link to his answer (pdf document)

Taline sent him the following message this morning:

Dear Mr. Marin:

I first wrote to you in February 2008, urging you to investigate the autism crisis in Ontario. Many families followed up by sending you stories of their children waiting for years on the waitlist for IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) therapy, being prematurely cut off from the program without sufficient evidence-based cause, and not being able to access said therapy and school together, thereby being denied their fundamental right to an education.

Over the course of the year following this initial communication, I sent to your office numerous pieces of pertinent information and evidence in an attempt to assist you in your investigation. In the spring of this year, the autism community received notice that you would only “monitor” the situation.

In light of this week being Good Governance Week in Ontario, which you describe on your website as “a nationwide celebration of the role of ombudsmen in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the first ombudsman, established in Sweden in 1809”, and also in light of the Quebec ombudsman’s decision to go beyond just monitoring the autism situation in Quebec (please see article below), I am asking that you provide me with an update on the status of your monitoring of the autism crisis in Ontario, which I will share with the autism community.

I look forward to your response, which I can only hope will be to the benefit of the thousands of children with autism in Ontario who are currently, and have been for many years, suffering due to the major stumbling blocks our government and school boards have created that prevent them from having their basic developmental needs met.

Taline Sagharian
We all wait impatiently for his response.

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