Friday, October 2, 2009

I got this email from my friend who knows way more about autism in Ontario than I do. I asked if I can post it, and here it is:
Just to clarify, high-functioning kids will not benefit from the so-called school ABA the gov is claiming to have implemented primarily because what they have actually implemented is far from being adequate ABA. I have heard that approximately 25% of kids with ASD in Ontario are mild, 15% are severe, and that means that the rest are moderate. While the ABA in the schools could have been done well and would have benefitted the majority of children with autism in Ontario, it currently does not.
For severe kids who do not benefit from regular school environment (even with appropriate ABA), there are alternative public school environments (section 23 programs, alternative schools, etc.). None of these environments offer ABA either.
So in summary, there is currently no appropriate after IBI program for ANY child on the spectrum in Ontario.

Kids who are just being diagnosed with autism now are put on 3-4 year long waiting lists. This means that, practically, they are refused treatment. So NO kids in Ontario are getting appropriate therapy unless they were born to rich parents, or are going through court system.

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