Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goats, allergies, and a lot of crying.

Sebastian got off the school bus calm and happy, but the rest of the day was difficult. He was very cranky. We went to the farm to pick up some milk and eggs and goat meat. He was fine on the farm, and for the first time he was interested in goats so much that he was reaching out his hand and touching them. That never happened before. He seems lately to be more aware of his surroundings.

On our way home he cried the whole time and loudly, and then continued crying at home untill 10:00. Thankfully, this does not happen to much lately. He never cries for no reason. His eyes were a bit pink. I gave him allergy medication, but he did not stop crying. I gave him a children's painkiller, and couple of hours later more allergy medication because he was crying louder and louder and with shorter brakes, and his eyes were starting to swell up a bit. He kept crying, and so I decided if he did not stop in 1/2 hour we would go to emergency. He didn't. I put my clothes on and when I looked for his clothes he suddenly fallen asleep exhausted. My motherhood is a constant exercise of helplessness. Some people say to me that is for some greater good. Really?

He is better today, but stimming a lot. I am going to work, the house is a mess, his food is not ready.
I better go.


  1. Sounds like a really rough day for you guys. I hope it is better for you both today. The only good I see out of days like that sometimes is that are they are over!

  2. I don't know what greater good they are talking about - but Sebastian may be reacting to a lot of things - new things are a nightmare for our kids someitmes. Allergies, buses, school environment, weather changes, its all a bit too much man!

    Khaled will put anything in his ear these days, its driving me nuts!