Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farmers market

We go to the farmers' market every Saturday. I made this picture last week. I took $30 with me and came back with about $8 change in my pocket. The plastic bag contains a half bushel of tomatoes. I followed the advice of my neighbor: I do not have time to make preserves, but I put the tomatoes into freezer bags and freeze them. When I take them out they are hard like little stones. I rinse them under warm water, and the skin comes off very easily. They make great tomato sauce, almost like fresh tomatoes throughout the winter.


  1. thats a cheap farmers market! At our local one it would cost around 40 or more dollars.

    Which one do you go to Maryna?

  2. I go to our Hamilton farmers market. It is fantastic. Last year I could buy 1 bushel of second grade (smaller) golden delicious apples for $6 to $8 dollars.

    Hamilton is a cheaper place to live in general I think. Two of my neighbors are selling houses for $150 000 to $170 000. Want to move anybody?

  3. Wow Maryna - you weren't kidding when you talked about all the food you can buy for so little! It all looks so delicious and fresh too!!!