Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmers' market in October

It is such fun to go to the land of plenty at the farmers' market. Today was different. I could not get over the shock of realizating our financial reality. I am not a big spender. I do not like shopping, I have been celebrating my own private "spend nothing" days, and buy only things I think are necessary. We wear used clothes. we live small. And yet again I was not frugal enough, not smart enough, not good enough. New extra expenses are on the I will manage it? The additional stress feels like if I was run over by a truck.

After Sebastian had a meltdown in the morning I felt like if I could go and sleep for a long time. Stress is accumulative after all. He was fine after while, and we went to the market. In the picture he is holding a little orange pumpkin he got for free from the farmer. Maybe it is a sign I should not worry and should trust that the gods of plenty will remember about us.

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