Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day at home.

Sebastian was bussed to school today, and I decided to stay home because I have a lot of house work to catch up on. I am a single parent after all. Nobody does my dishes. Or the rest of it.

Yesterday Sebastian wanted to spend all his time on my lap. That is new. Instead of running back and forth and chewing on a rubber toy, or twirling a string in his fingers, he would come, climb on my lap, or pull me to the couch to play "push" and tickling games.

Now he reaches for sauerkraut and eats it raw by the spoonfull. When we stick to the GAPS diet, his stool is brown and small in spite of him eating a lot of food, and that is quite in contrast to how it was for years when large quantities of undigested stinky mess was coming out of him everyday. I have to go slow with new foods in spite of my temptations, and do not give him too much fruit yet because he is reacting to it. It is great to see so much improvement. He is so much fun.

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